Thursday, April 24, 2008

Orthodox Holy Week

Greek Orthodox Holy Week . . . Blessings to all . . . I shall return after Pashca (Easter)

Kali Anastasi!

I will be writing more about Holy Pashca in my Sacred Footing blog - for all who are interested.

Monday, April 07, 2008

The Sins of the Winless

Ok, so as it turned out, I was not the needed 'good luck' charm to help the Detroit Tigers end their - now six game - winless streak, when they played against the Chicago White Sox last night. Or maybe it was a no-luck combination of me, my daughter and two of her friends who went together. Or maybe it was the fact the White Sox played an exceptional game. Or maybe it was the fact the Tiger's did not play such an exceptional game. Or maybe the Tiger's are still acclimating and will soon get into a winning groove that will bring them up to first-place which is where they belong. Or maybe the seventh time will be the charm. Or maybe or maybe or maybe.

"Let's Go Tigers!"

I wonder about the 'fans' who are fortunate enough, wealthy enough, connected enough to sit in some of the best seats in the park . . . like the seat I was lucky enough to sit in last night . . . I wonder about those very quiet, dignified "fans." Some were busy doing late-night business deals and introductions while their teenage daughters were getting up and down and up and down to walk around and shop for candy, peanuts, coke and pizza all while text messaging every one of their friends. Some looked bored. Some very proper. Some looked like they were there because they were important enough to sit in those great seats. Some looked like had they had a remote control they would have surfed the channels. Yes, some were Sox fans. Some were jeering, booing fools, while some others, whose lives may have been on the line depending on the outcome, were just plan crabby. And then there was me and my gang. We were there to cheer on and support our team - The TIGERS - and we were cheering them on. YEAH!
oh, was that too loud? Come on people! Support our team! It's not like we're asking you to paint letters on your bare chests! The game was televised on ESPN and my sister and some friends informed me that we on on TV - good thing I did not eat any ice-cream - a little Seinfeld humor; George Costanza style.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Carpe diem

Lovely Sunday here in Detroit . . .
Seizing the day

That is Canada across the lake
Emmy and I are enjoying this DAY
Tonight is 'taken me out to the ball game.' Let's hope I can be some kind of a 'good luck charm' for the Tigers!