Thursday, May 08, 2008

Waiting to Bloom

The magnolias have bloomed! I have not. Last year served to prune me back to near nothing. My roots have kept me breathing and silently living. My dormancy has proved to have been a much needed rest from the constant desire to flower.
I am well. I will continue to blog and write when I have something to say. For now, I am silent; I watch nature's mystical, magical changes as they embrace me, affect me, inspire me and speak to me.

Happy Spring. Happy Blooming.

The Philosophy of a Dog: During our walks; Emmy walks along side of me without a leash. I keep the leash in my hand and quickly snap it to her collar if and when we near passersby. When we get closer to the home, I remove her collar altogether. I noticed; when I remove her collar, she runs about as if she had just been freed. I realized . . . it's not the leash that restrains the dog, but the wearing of the collar. Mmmmm????