Thursday, May 08, 2008

Waiting to Bloom

The magnolias have bloomed! I have not. Last year served to prune me back to near nothing. My roots have kept me breathing and silently living. My dormancy has proved to have been a much needed rest from the constant desire to flower.
I am well. I will continue to blog and write when I have something to say. For now, I am silent; I watch nature's mystical, magical changes as they embrace me, affect me, inspire me and speak to me.

Happy Spring. Happy Blooming.

The Philosophy of a Dog: During our walks; Emmy walks along side of me without a leash. I keep the leash in my hand and quickly snap it to her collar if and when we near passersby. When we get closer to the home, I remove her collar altogether. I noticed; when I remove her collar, she runs about as if she had just been freed. I realized . . . it's not the leash that restrains the dog, but the wearing of the collar. Mmmmm????


the walking man said...

Perfectly beautiful, these words you write. Such good balance.

It is the collar, that inhibits freedom.



Erik Donald France said...

Given this weather, still waiting to bloom?

I don't mind it, though ;->

Michelle's Spell said...

Beautiful flowers -- love them! As for the observation about the collar, I think it's very right on and smart. I'm guessing that we all have our "collars" -- I know that I feel that way often. How to remove it more often is something to I should think about!

the walking man said...

uhhh have they bloomed yet Lindy?