Thursday, November 23, 2006

Something . . . Anything

"You happy now?" Todd toyed with the audience after he played one of his old songs, "I Saw the Light."

"Me happy now, Todd!" my voice still able to scream at that time.

Since I was twelve, I have had a mad crush on Todd Rundgren. I imagined that one day we would be married (couldn't he feel that this was so right?), so I practiced (over and over again) writing my first name in front of his last name, just in case.

When I was seventeen, I saw him in concert for the first time. Towards the end of the concert I made a mad dash for the stage (storming the stage as we called it back in the day before so much visible brute security). There I was running down the main isle like a teenage bride in blue jeans and a T-shirt. I made it all the way and managed to grab his extended hand. I held Todd's hand. I could live with that if nothing else.

The years went by - boyfriends, husbands, children, life in general - but no signs of Todd. Oh well, I knew I couldn't have everything I ever wanted. Still, deep inside was that teenage girl with a crush and a dream that lived on, and no one could deny me that painful pleasure.

Now, some thirty years later I am sitting a few rows away from the stage at the State Theater and on the stage Todd is playing guitar and singing lead vocals for The New Cars. I am thrilled; a giddy teenager all over again. I look at the aisle. I try to cast the thought from my mind. I am an adult woman now. I can't go screaming down that isle. Stop it.

In the end, I didn't do it. I kept my composure and God rewarded my newfound mature behavior. After the concert, as I walked along the outside of the building towards to parking lot, Todd exited the stage door to get into his tour bus. There were only about five or six of us (fans) around and we called for him to come over. He did, ever so graciously. And in that moment, my teenager with a crush became a woman filled with respect for this man who has gifted the world with his musical and songwriting talents, his creativity, innovativeness and genius mind. And with that, I shook his hand and had him autograph my ticket stub (thanks to a man who had a pen). I met Todd Rundgren. I could live with that if nothing else.

Now, with an hour and a half into the official day of giving thanks, I can add to my long list of things for which I am grateful to God: Todd Rundgren, the end of a very long teenage crush, and, oh yeah, the man with the pen.

So, back to life. Ah, but what a sweet slice of the pie that was, and before dinner. (That's not cheating, that's called living!)

And no matter what happens from this point on . . . wherever life takes me . . . I will still remain hopeful in some quiet way because as Todd once wrote . . . A Dream Goes on Forever.


Susan Miller said...

What a great story...I think we can all relate. My son is wanting an Alienware gaming computer for Christmas. After all his hints and pleading I finally turned to him and said, "Baby, it makes me proud that you continue to have hopes and dreams. Keep dreaming!"

Maybe I should get one of the guys at Alienware to autograph a page detailing what I would've gotten for him if I had $3,000 just laying around.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Michelle's Spell said...

Love this post! I can totally relate -- for me, it's Mick Jagger, the devil himself, I'm sure, but what a smile! I'd give Mick up, though, for a tiny encounter with either Dwight Yoakum or James Galdofini (aka, Tony Soprano)!

Laura said...

Great Story. For me it was Bobby Sherman and a few years back I was at a concert where it was Bobby Sherman, Davey Jones and Peter Noon doing all their old songs. When Bobby Sherman came down the Isle way, he stopped at me and kissed my cheek. For a brief moment in time, I felt like a teen all over again screaming to my friend standing next to me, "Bobby Sherman kissed my cheek, I'm never washing my face again!!! Of course, then it was back home and back to reality land.

Anonymous said...

For me it's Tootie from the Facts of Life....

Maybe I shouldn't haev admitted that. ;)


Erik Donald France said...

I'd go with Debbie Harry, Chrissie Hynde, or Tina Turner among the still living. Saw U2 and Todd Rundgren at the first War stop in the early 80s in Chapel Hill. One of my sisters loved Todd and was there, too, but U2 was at their peak with that one, on the cusp of fame and still crazy edgy.

Jon said...

Janis Joplin...God help me, it's Janis Joplin.

Michele said...

I think it may have been my friend Scott, he took photos out there too. I will forward them if you are in any of them.

Pythia3 said...

Hey, forward them anyway . . . I was there - I know it! I almost asked this guy to take my photo with him but I didn't. I figured I'd never see the guy again. Now, if he turns out to be one of your friends in this ridiculously small world - I will have to bang my head slowly!