Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ok, a break from my crazy life!

Hey y'all, I will be back to posting daily after having been on a week-long "medical and MENTAL leave" from blogging. I was having some health issues along with leading the very busy life of a working-mother-approaching-the-holidays!
Good news, my health is good - all of the tests came back good:) I am scheduled for an outpatient surgery January 8 and hopefully, that will be that!
My car is finally fixed! Hooray! And my new laptop just arrived and I am trying to learn how to work it - it's all so high-tech!
I am getting organized for Christmas and the New Year. I am also hosting an out-of-town guest (my really good friend, Kim) for a few days next week . . . I have cards, baking, cleaning . . . I'm feeling more than a bit overwhelmed with all I have to do within these next few weeks!
And tomorrow is my Birthday!
Whew! badabadbabdabdba . . . that's all folks . . . all least for today!
Oh yeah, a PS: My grandson, Nathan, was "fan of the game" at last night's Red Wing game! He has so much energy, that even in a huge crowd, he was singled out! He got to on the ice and receive a practice jersey!


Stewart Sternberg said...

I hope the surgery goes well. I will throw some luck at you. I'm going in for a little cut and cut myself. January here's to both of us. And tell Kim I said hello.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Oh...and happy birthday. You're what? Twenty one?

Susan Miller said...

Happy Birthday, Lindy!

Mr. Tidy Bowl said...

Take a load off, fannie,
Take a load for free,
Take a load off, fannie,
Aaaaaaaaand, you put the load,
Right on me!!!

Michelle's Spell said...

Happy Birthday, Lindy! (You were there and gave me one of the nicest birthday parties of my life many years ago -- thank you -- I still think about it and how much fun it was and how generous you were!) I hope your birthday is a great one. Good luck with the surgery as well.

Laura said...

Happy belated birthday. Hope everything goes well with the surgery in January.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Eventually your life will calm down a tad and you'll return to this blog. When you do, please find here a Christmas Greeting. I am pleased to have gotten to know you this year and hope the coming year finds happiness for you and tremendous rewards.

Here's to you.
Seasons Greetings. Peace.
Denny Crane..Stewart Sternberg

Michelle's Spell said...

Merry Christmas, Lindy! Here's hoping the new year is a great one!

Erik Donald France said...

Merry Christmas, Pythia, and a salute to James Brown!

JLCGULL said...

Happy New Year! Wherever you are!

Susan Miller said...

You are missed, Lindy! Happy New Year.