Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Six degrees of Chuck Woolery

My friend, Mike, went a little 'click' happy with Kim's new camera toward the end of Kim and Chuck's wedding reception last July. I guess one could call this my "official MySpace weird angled photo." (MySpacers will understand) We all snapped a lot of photos during that weekend in Vegas . . . CLICK . . . "This one's going on my MySpace."
A small gathering of close friends stayed at the Bellagio in Las Vegas to witness and celebrate the wedding of my best friend, Kim Barnes to (my new best friend) Chuck Woolery.
I remember when she phoned me a few years ago to tell me that she had been on a blind date with Chuck, We never would have thought that this was her true Love Connection (of course, fun/pun intended).
For anyone who saw the wedding clips on Entertainment Tonight, I was the woman in the mint green dress, front row left, snapping photos of the ceremony.
What a great and memorable time. Chuck has now become my (ever so frustrated) date/relationship adviser and worthy political/religious debate opponent.
If you like Metal Rock check out my friend Mike Fasano's music page on MySpace
Due to popular demand - I have added my YouTube video


Erik Donald France said...

Hey Ms. Pythia,
great shots! Wow, the real thing in the way of love connections. How cool is that?

Laura said...

I remember watching Love Connections. I guess Chuck made his. Nice picture.

Michelle's Spell said...

These pictures are great -- beautiful shot of you! And the Chuck W. stuff is great -- I used to be addicted to that show!

Steven Novak said...

Chuck Woolery!?

How cool is that!?!

Suddenly I think that we should be best freinds.

And no, I'm not just using you to get to Chuck. ;)


Bird on a Wire said...

It's always fun to gain a new political/religious debate opponent.

I like the pictures.