Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A whiter shade of cold

A few weeks ago the grass was still green, the squirrels were still dashing between cars to cross the street: I think I even saw a mosquito still flying around . . . and I was blabbing, I mean blogging, about the strangely warm temperatures. Well, subzero has finally arrived. I thought I'd be better prepared given all the unexpected extra time. I thought I'd have all my acorns in a row. But all the extra time gave me was the illusion that I had a lot more extra time. I guess true preparation needs a deadline of sorts . . . it needs a reason, real or imagined. I used to have the Girl Scout mentality and discipline of preparedness. I carried, with me, everything I thought I'd need 'just in case.' I could have lived out of the trunk of my car. Of course, it never rains when my car is dirty. I never got to light my emergency flares. Of course, I always remember the way when the map is in my hand. I never needed my water-proof matches. Of course, my emergency overnight supplies are only used at my girlfriend's house. So I have changed my attitude, leaning towards the superstitious beliefs . . . and now I float through life with nothing more than the basics. I want to feel surprised, occasionally caught in the rain without my umbrella, without a definitive plan or hopeful agenda. (But not caught in the lady's room without a spare square, please!) I want to open myself up to possibilities that only exist under Murphy's warped Law . . . the day I don't shave my legs . . . Mr. Right (or now?) will show up to my horror! Reverse the curse of the expectation. I expect it will be mighty cold in the coming weeks!
(The photo is Lake Saint Clair, Michigan)


Andrew Warhola said...

Photo title: "Frigid Oasis"
This is an excellent photo. It captures the coldness of our Michigan winters.

Laura said...

Great photo. I must say, I knew we wouldn't get through the winter season without some bitter cold weather, but I was still hoping to. Michigan winters are definitely a trip.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Look on the bright side Laura, this is Feb 1st. This cold snap will let up soon, and I think we'll be done with the worst of it. I really don't think we're going to see one of our two foot snowfalls. Cross your fingers..and let's all duck.

Michelle's Spell said...

Beautiful shot -- God it is so cold. I'm liking it in a weird way, though.

Susan Miller said...

Yes, the is fantastic but my southern ass wouldn't survive very long at all. I also enjoyed the post of turning into "fly by the seat of your pants" woman. Girl, I'm with ya' on that one...but then again I've never walked on the non-wild side.

May you enjoy being caught in the rain without an umbrella!!

Erik Donald France said...

Hey Pythia,

Beautiful pic'. Nice to have a dose of winter, though the next week may be a bit much. The preparedness idea made me chuckle. I was a Boy Scout for about a year and a half and have just a bit of preparedness in me -- usually end up winging it. Happy Groundhog Day -- spring is a'coming on the other side ;)