Sunday, July 22, 2007

Erotica Unveiled is Still Sex

These days, the demons of lust seem to be multiplying even faster than the demons of greed, arrogance and vanity combined.
Lately, I've been dealing with what can happen to lives when some things get just a little out of control . . . and words like, "addiction," are mentioned.
What is one to do when temptation is everywhere?
When he checks his e-mail, I wonder.
When he places an ad for the sale of his car, I wonder.
When the phone rings "Private Name," I wonder.
When he flicks through late-night cable, I wonder.
How great are his temptations?
"Darling, I'm here. See me, hear me, feel me. I am real."
Then, I step down, onto the first rung of a downward spiral. It dizzies me into believing that I am not actually falling. Things are happening so fast and before I am fully aware, I have become the very images that are trapped on the other side of his computer monitor. I am now tucked quietly between the photo folder of last year's Christmas Dinner and some other people I don't know.
I am the fine erotic wine to the endless shot glasses filled with the strong dark stuff.
Sadly though, fine wine can still be deadly to the alcoholic.
bound . . .


Erik Donald France said...

Temptations are indeed everywere. Depends on what's expected, accepted ~~ the rules of the game.

In any case, good luck Pythia! Hope all's well with you.

Michelle's Spell said...

Great writing -- really lovely images! Have missed you!

Jenna Jameson said...

I like being gagged too.