Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad.

We give you a lot of credit - raising four daughters! (sister Judi pictured below)
All those hormones . . .
curling iro
ns, maxi-pads, strawberry lip gloss kisses, rebel boyfriends, rides to and from the rollerskating rink, money lending, heartbreaks and tears, marriages, grandchildren, divorces (speaking for myself only!) the list goes on!
You were a
gorgeous young man (still are gorgeous!) with black hair and baby blue eyes . . . strong and athletic - on your way to a possible career in pro baseball. An excellent golfer and bowler. You gave up your dreams (and your brand new Chevy convertible) for us at the tender young age of 20 years old.

You were a strict father (making us strong) and you expected a lot from us.
You showed us how to do everything and because of that we are extremely independent women. We can do everything from laying tile and sod . . . to changing a tire and our oil. We know the difference between a standard and a Phillips . . . and a gear or socket wrench from needle nose pliers.
Now, with mom gone, you have become our official chicken soup maker - the Polish panacea. But you still need us for pierogi.
Happy Birthday Dad. We love you. Thanks for all you have done for us, all you have sacrificed and all you have taught us.

Alexia and Grandpa at Alexia's wedding

Luke and Grandpa caught in the rain after the
graduation ceremony at Freedom Hill

Adam, Lisa, Luke, dad, Alexia, Marcie, Judi, Aunt Pam, me
on March 15 -remembering mom on what was her birthday

Dad and Aunt Pam - my mom's little sister at cousin Jon's wedding


Erik Donald France said...

Aw, sweet . . . such a thoughtful tribute . . .

My Dad was 20 when he married my Mom, who was 19.

eric1313 said...

My dad was 29 when he married my mom at 16. Only in the seventies...

I just moved in with my dad this week, that's where I've been spending all this once plentiful blog time o mine, moving boxes of books, clothes and CD's(I have hundreds, most people nowadays have like ten at the most, and download everything else). Things went bad at where I was, so it's transition time. How sweet it is...

I'm back and I'll need the support of friends, even new blogger friends, being that I'm now in Lansing away from the rest of the fam. I tried to get into MSU, but I don't even meet basic requirements, even after grajematating Macomb CC with honors. I'll be back next semester to go to Wayne, as long as I can find somewhere to rent in the city. I could live with friends, but... All my friends are partiers who I need to kinda get away from, even though I love them like a band of brothers--mostly because we really were all in the same bunch of local bands! Yep, bluesy rock guitarist is my first vocation. but that's how I started writng poems--trying to write songs. Things are weird right now, but I'll survive.

Thanks for your patience and I caught up on all our wonderful posts, Lindy.

Peace out

Kate S said...

What a lovely family. :)

Jon said...

...and you all share your Daddy's smile.