Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Moment of Healing

This very moment is about healing.

It is not an International Day of Healing, (although that is a beautiful thought) it is about this moment and taking this moment to think about ourselves and the people with whom we have come into contact with: family, friends, acquaintances, passersby, friends of friends . . . fellow bloggers (especially Jon and Maleah) . . . and sending out powerful prayers of healing.

Maybe you or someone you know (or know of) has suffered a loss . . . a death of a loved one, an illness, surgery, unhealed scars from past traumas . . . pray for healing and comfort and peace.

Take a moment
a moment right here, right now
close your eyes
inhale slowly and deeply
exhale slowly and completely
bow your head
in what way do you need to be healed?
who (in your life) needs healing?
ask God, the Universe, a Higher Power
to surround you and those people in a white light
open yourself up to the healing energy
ask for healing in specific areas
and ask to healed in any and all ways
unspecific and unknown

give thanks for your many blessings


Erik Donald France said...

Very nice. Healing and prayers of thanks. I quit smoking about six weeks ago and am thankful for that, too -- so far, so good. Salud'

Pythia3 said...

Thanks Erik...and I'll pray that you'll have continued strength in your effort to quit smoking - I have heard that is the toughest monkey on one's back - I am giving thanks that I never started!
Kalo Tuxi ('tee-chee' - the 'ch' has that soft guttural sound)
Anyway - GOOD LUCK!

realbigwings said...

Hi Lindy,

This is nice to run into today, this little quiet space and prayer. Thanks for reminding me to ask for what i need. I did this morning, yet the day turned me a little. I think it's important to ask for help throughout the day, you know? To stay tuned in. And to keep up the prayers for others.

Beauty and healing,

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Lindy,

This is truly lovely. I'm going to keep this in mind as this week has been kind of crazy and I'm glad to get to the end of it. So here's for a Friday of healing for all!

Jon said...

Thank you.

eric1313 said...

Some of my blogger friends need this wish and prayer of healing, too. Singleton's sister is fighting cancer like a snake chramer--it's her third or fourth battle with the beast, I've been told. So kind of you to think of others and put it into words.

One day, we all may need these lines.