Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Summer's Last Hurrah

Here in Michigan, we talk about the weather a lot . . . but usually the conversations are about the freezing temperatures . . . when is this cold spell going to end, we need rain, we need it to stop raining, no more snow, please . . . but over the Labor Day weekend the talk about town was how absolutely perfect the weather was and has been. Clear, blue skies, sunny and hot, temps in the mid to upper eighties. The Labor Day holiday weekend in Detroit is always celebrated with many great city and family events. We Michiganders mourn the ending of the summer season (and begin dreading the colder months ahead) by partying all we can. Here in the Motor City we LOVE to party and being blessed with this beautiful weather in September only added to our celebratory spirit.

I tried to fit in all that I could, but not nearly everything, for that would have been impossible. I did not make it to the Jazz Festival (read Erik's Blog) or the Arts, Beats and Eats Festival or the Romeo Peach Festival . . . but I did get to Belle Isle for the Grand Prix qualifying races on Friday. The roar of those engines is such an adrenalin rush. We rode out to Belle Isle with legendary Bike Builder (Discovery Channel's Biker Build Off winner) Ron Finch. We hung around with Big Daddy Arthur P. from WRIF. Anyone who has lived in Detroit during the past 30 more years has heard Arthur's voice, "Baby!" on the radio. On the ride back we stopped off in Hamtramk for the Polish Festival to grab some food . . . pierogis, city chicken, potato pancakes, stuffed cabbage, kraut, and of course, the firefighters famous chili (not Polish but a tradition nonetheless).
Family gatherings and birthdays filled Saturday and Sunday . . . and I ended the long weekend with the Alice Cooper concert at the Michigan State Fair on Monday. Alice, another one of Detroit's homeboys, comes home every year to perform a free concert at the State Fair. He still rocks - he sang for two hours.

So, after a day of recovering - yesterday - it's back to the daily grind (or not). But, the weather . . . well, the weather is still absolutely beautiful and I'm soaking in all of this ninety degree heat before the blue skies open to gray and the autumn chill fills the air.

Crossing the Belle Isle Bridge
The gang at the Grand Prix on Belle Isle

One of the qualifying races

Detroit icons Ron Finch and WRIF's Arthur P.

Luke and his 'big' sister Alexia at the Labor Day birthday parties

Nathan (my grandson) practicing his basketball skills at the family bbq

Adam making a beer run before the Alice Cooper concert begins

The best I could do as the night fell over the crowd

Luke, Rich and Adam placing their bets

My friend Debbie, her daughter Zoe and me (back to my brown)
at the Michigan State Fair


the walking man said...

Labor day is already past? Must have missed it and everything else as well. I guess after all this time in Detroit staying in my own cave of comfort (yes the old lady says when she isn't home I keep the house as dark as a cave) I just don't pay attention to the calendar anymore or the "events" south of Mack. But looks like that big 'ol grin of yours was plastered on your face for the entire time and that is always a good thing.



Michelle's Spell said...

Love the pictures and writing! I cannot believe labor day is already here and gone. Sadness! I love fall, but I'm always a little sad to see summer go. Love the new hair!

Erik Donald France said...

Hey Pythia! Wow, awesome shots and thoughts. I'm glad there's so much to do in Detroit, no one need go up north or anywhere else. Plenty right on hand -- and it really won't stop with Labor Day.

Although, like Mark and his, often I tend to keep to my cave/bunker, quiet and out of direct sunlight -- save that for the forays out and when not working elsewhere.

Thanks for the jazz shoutout! ;)

eric1313 said...

The weather has been so perfect...

I hated hearing people say things like "can't wait for it to get cold again". SOmepeople are never satisfied.

realbigwings said...

Yay, sounds wonderful! I love weekends of variety; they're thrilling! My last weekend was 4 nights of dancing, and let me tell you I can definitely deal with that. Now the work-week-after's finally over and a new weekend's begun.
Hope you have a beautiful one, Lindy.


maleah said...

Lindy, Every time someone goes past me on two motorized wheels I am tinged some shade of green... what fun! Don't you love when you notice how perfect the weather is? It lets you know that there is space for such natural luxury in your life. Enjoy all you can as the smell of fall starts to creep in on the wind. Even down here in the muggy tropics of Houston I see leaves falling off my trees as the days get shorter. And you look great as a brunette!

eric1313 said...

Hope all is well. I've been having trouble posting lately, too.

But I did ride a motorcycle today... that was fun. I'm just learning how to do it, but it sure is exciting. yep at thirty one. Never too old! I know, I'm not old, but sometimes, I feel it. That's why I need to keep things mixed up. Just so nothing become so routine that the next ten years fly at escape velocity, the way the last ten years did.

Anyway, be well, and I had to say the dark hair in you profile pick suits you most agreably.

Kate S said...

Looks like you had fun. :) Unlike many, I'm always glad to see the last of summer - I love fall - but glad you got to enjoy yourself.

Liking the brown hair too. And did you say GRANDSON? No way!