Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Nature of Me

I was born in Detroit, Michigan. I was nurtured here. I grew up here. Detroit is my native soil; the perfect balance of minerals, alkalinity, water and sunlight that nurtured my body from infancy into adulthood. This is where my feet first walked the streets. This is where my childhood memories live. This is where, long ago, I buried things in an unmarked grave. This is the sacred place where the Earth mothered me into physical existence. Detroit is my home . . . no matter how far I roam. My roots begin here. And this is where I return when I seek the comfort of familiarity; when I need homemade chicken soup; when my ears long to hear the foghorn of a Lake Michigan lighthouse; when I am missing certain ingredients essential to my growing forward. Detroit in my nurturing force. Detroit is my sure thing.

Greece . . . is my spiritual motherland; the place my soul finds solace, answers and then, more questions. Greece is where the muses dance around me and where my feet also dance. It is here where I first heard my life calling me - in a tongue foreign to my ears yet understood by my heart. This is where my true nature was born; where I originate; where my creativity laughs from the belly. This is the place from where I can see eternity atop a limestone hill; where my ancient umbilica remains connected to the amniotic fluids of the Aegean Sea; and where I have yet to unbury all the mysteries of me. Greece is where I come when my canvas has become muddied from color on color and needs to be alabastered white again; when the world is so loud that I cannot hear my own voice. This is where I come when a solo clarino - clarinet, a glass of Retsina and a cotton dress is all that is needed to have my heart leaping with joy.
When I ventured away from Detroit to find what fates awaited me, it was then that I thought I had found Greece . . . but I found I had never really left Greece. And she never left me.
It was in Greece where my growing pains matured into wisdom and where I began to understand the knowledge I had collected from my experiences and education.
The nature and the nurture of life; we need to respect them both and love them equally if we are to have the ultimate experience and honor of birthing ourSelves.

Pythia is preparing to emerge from her womb after a long, quite, beautiful pregnancy.
Spring is just a few longitudes and latitudes away.


Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Lindy,

What cool pictures! Love the idea about nature/nurture. I feel that Detroit is my spiritual home, Texas my literal one in some ways. I think Greece is so totally cool and fits you perfectly! Glad you're reemerging -- spring is just around the corner!

Pythia3 said...

Thanks, Michelle. Yes, Detroit is definitely your spiritual home. And BTW, I was inspired to write this by your post a few days ago in which you quoted Hank. I can't remember the words exactly, but did write this immediately after leaving your blog...so, thanks!

Erik Donald France said...

Beautiful, Lindy. Ya know, Greece is one place I haven't been able to get to yet (Chernobyl got in the way). It's on the list. As for Detroit, here I am ;)

Pythia3 said...

Hey Erik, you have to get to Greece - you will love it and also appreciate it immensely.
So, where's your spiritual home? New Orleans? Paris?
Thanks for stopping by.