Monday, January 05, 2009

breathing, heart beating, eyes open, smiling

Happy, Blessed, Healthy, Loving, Prosperous, Peaceful, Abundant . . . New Year!

Chisel in hand, intent in heart, design in mind . . . and I have not yet carved my resolutions in the stone.

These first five days of the new year escaped in an exhale.

I am larger these days . . . the world around me, tiny. Days like seconds. Miles like steps. Obstacles like pebbles.

I am smaller these days . . . the world around me vast. Seconds like lifetimes. Steps like eternity. Me . . . a speck of blue in the sky.

I have found my place. I have found my space. I have found me in this place in this space.


Silt said...

good to see you back!

Erik Donald France said...

Happy '009, Lindy!

Nothing quite like Carolina blue
skies ;->

Stewart Sternberg said...

happy new year, baby.