Friday, January 23, 2009


The palms of my hands opened
and out they flew.
After all these years
They were still there -
Call it a miracle.
Or call it a miracle I opened my palms.


Erik Donald France said...


But man, I can't get the idea of that poor Brazilian model out of my head. Speaking of hands.

Grateful to have mine open closed or pointing. What a life.

Pythia3 said...

Hey Erik, I know, what a tragedy. So scary - life is so fragile. I am so saddened because she prayed to live - feeling she had so much more to do in this world. I feel that way and I have years on her - still so much to do. I hope and pray she found peace in her final moments. I'm sure she did.
What scares me too . . . that disease that took her life - "Septicemia" - is the tenth leading cause of death in the USA - and I contracted it after giving birth to my third/last child by C-section (over 19 years ago). I had no idea at the time how serious that really was. I just remember the pain and wanting to feel better to take of my baby. I feel extra blessed now.
She was healthy and living her dreams (and supporting her family) less than two months ago . . .
GOD bless her. Thanks for mentioning her.
I am so grateful for my health, my body, my mind, my heart - and the list goes on and on. GRATEFUL.

Kate S said...


And wholly understood.