Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hanging out on the Planet

Well . . . I am beginning to get it. Yeah, I am just hanging out here soaking it all in. Back in school as many hours as will fit into a week.
I am living my dreams. I am happy. I am truly grateful.
PS Just wrapped the 100% Michigan made, full-length feature film "Annabelle & Bear" (worked in Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe)
Lots more to learn in the film industry and hopefully . . . lots more time here on this beautiful planet.


RRN said...

cool photos.

i am on a study break and somehow found my way here. i am glad i did.

exciting and out the boring ordinary stuff happening here on your blog.....

most appreciated...

eric1313 said...

Keep on rocking in the film world!

Glad to know you have something like that to occupy your creative soul.

Anyway, I moved to Hot Springs Arkansas back in January, and let me tell you, the change of scenery was what I needed in my life. I'm currently working at a bar where I cook, barback, bartend and fill in for the DJ. That's what I'm doing right now, actually, announcing drink specials and saying hello to everyone I can on the computer. This is my only net connection is the major problem, and even more major, I could be fired for using the net like this. The owner's just kinda like that.

Still, I have to say hello to everyone who I learned so much from.

Take care, you!

Talk to you again sometime.

Kate S said...

Cool. Congratulations. :)