Thursday, November 09, 2006

Seduction (in Advertising)

To: Michael @ Creativenet. com.
Hello! I am inquiring about the part-time job. I am a free lance writer and I live in Birmingham. I am interested in learning more about the position. Thank you, Samantha Edwards.

To: SMEdwards @ Yahoo. com.
Hey Samantha, thanks for your response to my ad. I run a small, busy, full service ad agency in California. Most of my business is in San Diego but my hometown is Birmingham. As my Michigan business grows, I need an Account Manager to research local prospects; meet with clients; brainstorm ideas; and join me for killer dinners and live music when I’m in town. Now, a bit about me . . . hmm, eclectic, fun, surfer, athlete, arts and music lover, writer, food freak - dining out and cooking . . . kind of hard to label. I like to work with the same kind of people. Did I mention the extra bonus if you know of a good massage therapist or how to give a good massage. The stress of running a business and being an athlete make them one of my regular indulgences. Hey, do have an AIM name? Mine is MKB425. Michael

Hello Michael, thank you for your quick, detailed and energetic reply. After what you have shared with me, my interest has definitely peaked. I have held a few executive positions – my attached resume has the details. As for personal interests: I practice Tai Chi and I have recently taken up Belly Dancing and the Tango. I used to dance and model professionally. I ski and enjoy ccuba diving. I love to travel - I lived in Athens, Greece for a while. And yes, I love food: both cooking in and dining out. Oh, I almost forgot - I am not a massage therapist (though, I know some) but I did apprentice under a shaman for years. My AIM name is "Only1Sammy2." Hope to hear from you, Samantha

Hey Only1Sammy2, I like your eclectic style. You must be quite attractive given your dancing and modeling history. Send me a photo if you have one, I’m curious. So, is your husband Greek? Michael

My ex-husband.

I’m going through a divorce myself. To change the subject: I surfed last night and a big pod of dolphins swam by. I’ve seen them hundreds of times but their fins still startle me. Got to go cook breakfast . . . I make a mean quiche.
By the way, you are by far the most interesting of all the applicants. I’m looking forward to meeting you as it sounds like we share a lot in common. Michael.

I love quiche. I’m getting hungry. Surfing with dolphins . . . how beautiful! Sounds so romantic. I am looking forward to meeting you too. Sam

Hey . . . so maybe we can whip up a delicious meal together when I’m in town? How about penne pasta with goat cheese and pesto Toscana . . . and anything with artichokes!

Ok, so you are trying to drive me crazy with hunger. I am having lunch in an hour. I brought some fresh figs.

Fresh figs, yum! They are quite the sexy looking fruit. Are they a fruit? You tell me what it looks like . . . and what you look like.

I am told by many people that I look like a certain red-headed actress. Any guesses? And, yes, figs are a fruit.

I’m drawing a blank . . .

Julianne Moore.

Wow . . . she is super sexy. Now you have me distracted. I just did a Google image search on her. You had mentioned something about a shaman and massage? Tell me more. I just purchased a nice massage table. Too bad I can’t bring it. I guess I could check it.

The Shaman story is a long one. About massages: I have no formal training, but I have "healing" hands.

Good to know. Hey, I just tried calling you. I left a message with your son?

Yeah, that was my son. I’m at work now. I’ll e-mail you a photo when I get home.

Hey Sam . . . thanks for sharing the photo . . . just as I thought, you are quite stunning. I could use your healing hands today - the surf was big last night and I twisted around in the waves. My back is sore. So what kind of music are you listening to these days? Michael

I’m listening to some old Todd Rundgren right now. What about you? Sam

Marvin Gaye - “Let’s get it on.”

Do you tell all your applicants that?

Depends what they’re applying for. No, really, you’re my first.

Well, I have a few things to do around here, including preparing for a job interview, before I take a long soak in a hot bath. I love water too . . . I love baths.

I love baths as well . . . I need to take them more often. I just had a nice visual of you in yours though . . . OK, with that I’m off to um, yeah, take a cool shower.

Ok, I got a visual. And with that . . .

So, how was your bath?

Only if you tell me how your shower was.

Let’s just say it was therapeutic. How is your interview preparation going?

Got any tips?

You’ve already got the hometown advantage.

What about attire?

I can tell you what not to wear. So, tell me about some things that turn you on.

Like you said, I’ve got the hometown advantage, let’s keep it that way.

Ok, you already have me way too distracted and I still have to get some work done.

Pardon me sir . . . I am an innocent.

Ah yes, oh so innocent . . . So how did this job reply turn into this? Not that I have a problem with it. Let’s meet Monday when I get in . . . I guess I still have to interview you. That is how this all started, right?


Jon said...

...and when they meet she looks like RoseAnne Barr, he looks like John Goodman, and neither one cares. Much fun, L.L. I liked it. From a proper cyber-distance, of course.

Susan Miller said...

Nice, Pythia. Seduction in cyberspace...I know firsthand what a freeing experience that can be. But like Jon says, "when they meet..." then we can get into Stu's "what if" scenarios.
We paint these pictures in our heads when reading which is why I hardly ever watch a movie if I've already read the book. Nice to meet you, thank you for sharing and know that I'll continue visiting your place here.

Anonymous said...

Cyberromance. It's such a dark world. I used to imagine that the woman I was chatting with was in truth some forty five year old loser, sitting in his mother's moldy basement, sipping Bosco and pretending to be a woman to hang out in lesbian chat rooms.

Of course, it probably didn't help that I used to hunt for female bodybuilders to woo. That part isn't a joke, either.

miller580 said...

I gotta say Pythia, you could have a job writing IM's for elected officials. Very convincing. :)

However, if I was a gamblin man, I'd bet against Jon and say that they both will look like John Goodman.

SQT said...

I thought the exchange was great and really convincing.

I also liked how it started general and built up into something more intimate and sexy.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo that you used to illustrate your story.

I liked your cyber-tempting story. Hope it is hot when they meet. ;-)

Anonymous said...


I think the changes you made helped enormously.

I am going to post to my blog about dialogue and reading. I think you might like to try some of the suggestions I'll post there.