Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Signs, Omens or Nothing at All

And in today's news: The All American Calvary had to be sent in to rescue a damsel in distress (played by ME) and her loyal lady in waiting (played by Emmy Lou), from the hills of green in the Royal land of Oak. The recent drop in temperatures chilled me to my bones whilst my cloak and its warmth teased me from the far side of the glass of my carriage windows. For an hour, Emmy and I were forced to wait amongst the peasant squirrels and their nutty shenanigans.
But, we held our heads high, sat, leaning against a tree, and waited. Occasionally, Emmy would protect my dignity and chase the curious peasants away.
In other words . . . I locked my keys in my car when Emmy and I went to the park today. . . I called AA and they sent "The Calvary Locksmith" out to open my door.
Ok, so this is the third time I have needed help getting inside my car this year. I think I locked my keys in my car once before - in my entire life - and now three times in this last year. Something about my 'keys' . . . some significance . . . I don't know?
But, on the way home, a truck pulled up next to me at a light . . . the name on the side was: I am the Phoenix. Ok - now in that I see the significance.


the walking man said...

Maybe a spare key attached to your noble companions collar along with is license and other tags would allow him to not only keep rodents away from your royal highness but also allow access to he carriage in times of need?



the walking man said...

her carriage

realbigwings said...

Locking away your keys could be reflecting attention on how you unlock other areas of life, or of the certain "key" needed to pass into different activities or aspects of life. Keys are such resonant symbols.
When I first moved into this house I thought I'd made a mistake when I came home for the first time and none of the clanging keys on the packed keychain would unlock any of the 4 locks on my front door. It seemed doomed. The landlord came over and figured it out and the door swung open. He said, "You have the right keys. You just have to learn how to turn them right. Have a little confidence it will work." I definitely heard the message there.

I'm glad you were kept safe from the squirrels' nutty shenanigans. They didn't put on one of their PLAYS did they? -Impossible to follow.

Erik Donald France said...

Keys, phoenix, the cross at Calvary (or the US Cavalry?)

Wow, it's as good as any dreamscape ;)

Clearly, a time of change(s).

Nice to have a noble companion.

Erik Donald France said...

p.s. love the picture ;)

eric1313 said...

It's those keys... I did the same thing once at City Club. I paid a homeless guy twenty bucks to get me back into my car with a wire coathanger. It worked! In about ten minutes I was on my way back home.

Thank god for calvary in all of it's forms.

Cheri said...

Hmm the only knights I see while at work in the cafe are the ones writing parking tickets for expired meters. How often I pass by them in front of the shop to refill coffee but never do I stop to throw a nickle into the machines.

Michelle's Spell said...

Fantastic picture! As for keys, I do think there's significance. For a long time, I lost my house key all the time (my disseration director told me that I was locking myself away from myself), then I started losing my identification all the time (that one I could figure out myself), and so on. I think car keys are probably a little about mobility. The last thing I did was lock myself out of my house, keys safely inside, me outside in February. Now that was stupid given how cold it was , but it gave me time to think. Love the Phoenix detail.

Pythia3 said...

Thanks for all your comments and help with solving the key mystery.

Mark, I love your idea about attaching a door key to Emmy's collar. She has the key to heart already - and might as well have the key to my mobility (maybe it's her 'horse' karma for her - I always thought she was a horse in her last life...runs like one - but now she's too small or I'm too big for the transportation part of it.)

And Dawn, thanks for sharing your landlord's quote - how proper and fitting :)

Erik, you are right when you call it all a dreamscape. Now is the time I create a new dream (or really remember the old one)

Eric1313 - great story! I love when both people involved benefit in a situation. I'm sure he needed that 20 bucks as badly as you needed to get inside your car.

Cheri, thanks for visiting - from what I've read in your commenting here and there, you are an wonderful writer and a great thinker. I will come by and visit your blog.

Michelle, what I can I say - you hit it dead on - my mobility - I have been immobile in so many more ways than that one. Thanks - I now have a better grip on the situation and I may even write about it rather than continue to ignore that powerful metaphor.

I am blessed to have friends and fellow bloggers like y'all :)