Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Remember Me . . . By Lizzie Palmer (age 16)

This needs no introduction - no words - just watch . . . (5:23)



Erik Donald France said...

Powerful. Yes, support the troops, most of them -- not the ones who torture and murder (and there are some who have ben doing that in Iraq and elsewhere).

The Armed Forces are not fighting for me -- they are fighting at the orders of a reckless president who difies the will of the majority of his own people. Let's remember that, too.

And -- Happy Birthday to John Lennon!

Erik Donald France said...

"defies" oops

eric1313 said...

This was a beautiful tribute. The war is wrong, and the president is a dope--but the soldiers, they have to bear out what is bidden them to do by so-called superiors.

I wish them luck on returning home, and I wish them luck on retaining their humanity. They get more and more desperate, and sometimes they snap. That's what makes monsters of many of our soldiers, the effects of prolonged exposure to violence they are ordered to contain but not root out, and exposure to inhuman enemies that will make bombs out of babies and mothers.

I pray for all of them, soldiers and those they have to kill.

A very profound post, Lindy. Be proud of yourself on this one.

Pythia3 said...

Hey Erik, thanks for correcting that spelling error - I'm trying to maintain a standard here! LOL!

This war can be viewed (being far enough removed from our own person lives) to look like a video game played out by the super powers of the world - and like the games I have seen kids play . . . nothing is too bloody or too horrific or too traumatizing to affect the ones holding the game controllers.
Yes, it is just a game to the bastards calling the shots from the safety of their suites . . . and yes, I agree, this war is not being fought for you and me and the 'us' of the world. And unfortunately, some of the men and women over their in Iraq have gone over the deep end and are acting in ways that are extremely cruel, unjust and disgusting. Blood has become 'just' blood to them. Fighting and killing has become 'just' killing (though we may see it as torture and murder). The horrors of the battlefield have become 'just' another day at work.

But WHO put these young men and women (most can't even buy a f&*$ing beer at their ages) in that hell . . . expecting them to play fairly, play nicely, or even play at all?
I guess being in HELL can bring the devil out of all of us.

They all need our love and support and prayers . . .all of them. I may sound like a mother right now, but these 'kids' over there should be in college, should be mentored, should be staring careers and families, should be drinking one too many beers with their friends . . . they should not be used as pawns in Bush's game and be forced to bury their youthful, frightened and compassionate hearts under camo and amo.

And like Eric1313 said - we need to hold everyone in our prayers - that includes our perceived 'enemies.'

Like I've said before - we as a whole - humanity - are only as strong as our weakest link.

Thanks for your comments.
Love you guys,

Pythia3 said...

Funny, about an hour ago I was at the park with my Emmy Lou and an older gentleman struck up a conversation with me telling me about his kidney cancer that he suspected was caused by radiation exposure during WW2. He could not, however, get any financial or medical help from the Veteran's Hospital because too much time had passed - seven years or so years.
Anyway, I did not say a word, I just sat and listened while he told me about his direct orders to shoot anything/anyone who even looked sideways and the military would apologize afterwards.
He also told of the time . . . the soldiers continued on as ordered without knowing that Japan had already surrendered.
He was eighteen - doing what he was told - not knowing what he was REALLY doing most of the time.
Oops - posted it twice.

the walking man said...

Viet Nam veterans are still suffering from the abuse, yes ABUSE, they get from their generation, including the VA when they returned to an ungrateful nation,

If you wish to say nothing that is better than spitting on these troops today, but if you wish to say anything at all say "WELCOME HOME"

TWM is a veteran and PROUD even though I only fought the stormy north Atlantic while others went to SE Asia

Peace for Gods sake peace: from the day Crispus Attucks Died in the Boston Massacre by the British to this day there has not been tears from some mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters,aunts or uncles eyes...