Friday, October 05, 2007

You Are Beautiful

For all of us who need to be reminded today...

For anyone who needs more than a reminder . . . if you have been brought down by words - abusive words by your partner in a relationship, seek support and get help. You don't have to live in that situation. Visit this blog Dangerous Liasons
Because sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can break your soul. I know, I lost 21 grams somewhere in the last two years. Now, I'm trying to gain it back. Anyone have some "diet" suggestions . . . food for the soul?


eric1313 said...

Keep reading and writing beautiful poetry, that's a really great way to feed a soul.

Know that there are people who have also suffered around you, that to will noursih your soul.

Listen to beautiful music and surround yourself with people you know who care. Feeling loved is sometimes more important than anything.

Take care

Pythia3 said...

Thanks Eric - I have been writing my little head off - in between making some necessary concrete plans.
I am making a conscious effort NOT to indulge in my sadness or disbelief. But - each hour at a time for right now.
Tonight I'm going to the show with friends - that will help a bit :)

Michele said...

I think the key is learning about Lindy..Know what everybody else knows about you. Your pictures alone says alot about you, I can tell how outgoing you are, and i bet you can be the life of the party. your writing is wonderful and I know ive told you to get that book going.
Dont beat yourself up about giving second or third chances either.
Sometimes it is easier to try and "help" others instead of looking at ourselves and our weaknesses.
Support groups are great for the soul.
My daughters ex boyfriend choked about 3 weeks ago , and after i beat the shit out of him. I made her start going to first step. It is doing wonders for her. Shes learning why she has put up with abusive words...etc. One rule shes starting to break is, you can not keep in contact with the abuser. Hes good at his game and we tend to forget what we have learned about ourselves when we continue to have contact.
I hope one day we can still have that lunch. Good Luck to you Lindy, my thoughts and prayers are with you
For that "rat" not to see what an inspiration

Pythia3 said...

Wow, Michele THANKS for your support and understanding (and surprise comment).
I suppose we women who find ourselves in the repeating patterns of these types of relationships need to rally together and support one another unconditionally. I 'thought' it was 'me' causing me to become more and more depressed. And BEHOLD, I'm not crazy.
YES, I feel foolish - like I should have known.
But, I feel I am on the road to recovery and healing from a life-long history of abuse.
When I feel stronger we will go out for that lunch.
All the best to you!!!! And I truly pray your daughter will NEVER allow that abuse in her life ever again!
Love and peace,
PS How are things in your life?