Saturday, October 06, 2007

Three Days and Nine Steps

Three days and nine steps . . . Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon . . . he became an overnight sensation! Right.
If it were really that easy. If dreams manifesting into realities could happen so quickly and effortlessly. If there really was such a thing as an overnight sensation - well, I guess it wouldn't be so sensational.
In 1969, I was young and had no real appreciation for the magnitude of such a feat - walking on the moon (or even getting there for that matter).
I grew up in the era of Science Fiction and had assumed I would be wearing a cool silver and white space suit and flying around like Judy Jetson by the time the Millennium - the futuristic year of 2000 - rang in. It was not such a big thing for me - it was expected. Those old expectations fell to the wayside. I'm still wearing cotton, driving on the ground . . . kind of still waiting to lift off.
Now, much older and a little wiser but still not able to fully understand (therefore not fully capable of appreciating) what it means to dream such an incredible and seemingly unattainable dream and believe it into existence through determination, research, knowledge, diligence, persistence, assistance, blood loss, sweat, fear and tears . . . and eight years.
J.F.K did not live to see the dream he dreamed for the nation come true - but his dream gave us and the entire world
hope that we can do the same in our own worlds.
Yes, I saw "In the Shadow of the Moon," last night. And I loved it. And I needed it.
If we can put a man on the moon then . . . fill in the blank with your own personal dream.


Erik Donald France said...

Yes, amazing.

I remember being in a car with my family in Minn. when it happened, and the radio broadcasts. Being a boy of the times, I made models of rockets, etc. You're right about it as being "expected" that we'd zoom into the Space Age, tang and all.

eric1313 said...

If we can put a man on the moon then...
We can educate everyone on the planet who has the desire to learn.

I would love to help do that. Or jsut write. You know how I feel about this subject!

Great post, Lindy. Dreams are closer than we realize, farther than we expect.

Pythia3 said...

Thanks Erik and Eric1313 for your comments. I love reading both of your blogs!
And Eric1313 - I really love what you wrote: Dreams are closer than we realize, farther than we expect.
You summed up my post in a few words! I am a woman of many - some too many words! haha

eric1313 said...

but that's all good!

Keep writing all your words, Lindy, you have a lot to say and people listen.