Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Corner in Between

Standing at the corner.

One foot left of it. One foot right of it. I can't stand here forever (not in this outfit, anyway). And I can't do the splits anymore (surely, not in these jeans). I've been down each of those roads . . . the Wall Street of it . . . the Broadway of it. Occasionally, I high kicked when I should have been trading up and I traded down when I should have been kicking high. Overall, I did most things right. I played the game according to the rules.

But the lights
are still brighter on Broadway . . . that is, if I can afford to pay the increasing electric bill.

Ahhhh, the starving artist. Ahhhh, the tortured artist. I'm over it. And as for the high stakes and fast pace of the Wall Street society; that wall keeps getting higher and higher and I don't want to be anther brick in the wall.

So, basically, my left brain is watching me starve while my right brain is drawing pictures of figs and sushi and tomatoes and Gouda cheese . . . you know, healthy food for the soul.

What's next? Is this all there is? What's my third option?

PS Thank you friends and readers. Thanks for your patience. This upheaval has left me without internet for the time being.


eric1313 said...

The third option is the one we have to invent and make happen, isn't it? Even that is a faulty path, it so often seems.

Hoping everything's OK with you, Lindy. Talk to you later.

Peace out.

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Lindy,

Glad you're back! I love, love, love how you describe the options. It seems sometimes it's all I'm dancing as fast as I can territory! The third option is elusive, I think, but I have hope that it's there. I'm still looking at any rate . . .

Pythia3 said...

Hello Eric, thanks for sticking with through my ins and outs and ups and downs!
I am tapping into a wireless network these days that is not dependable. I have been having trouble leaving you a comment on your blog - but I will keep trying.
As for the third option - I KNOW! I KNOW! And I also know if it were easy to figure out, the first and the second options would become obsolete.
I just have to gain my strength back and create one.
Thanks, again :)

Brian in Mpls said...

I wish you luck with what ever option you pick:)

Erik Donald France said...

Hey hey Lindy -- good luck with the next cycle, phase, adventure. It's gonna be interesting ;)

I'm in the same kind of boat, but it's better than being on the Titanic!

eric1313 said...

Still writing my third option...
Line by line...

No problem about comments, Lindy. I've heard similar complaints in the recent past from people that my blog is funny about loading up comments page, that it gets stuck in the process. That really irks me.

But I'm still here. And I'm glad you still read. I actually have a lot of readers who don't comment on my page. But they come by every day. I see their ifootprints on my sitemeter. There's three different people in Ann Arbor MI alone who drop by every day. And none of them have said a word, ever!
Craziness, I tell ya...

Yeah, the sitemeter is a curious addiction... They're free, too.

eric1313 said...

I have given you an award, Lindy, it's on my blog right now. You'll love it, I promise.

Kate S said...

Hey you - be well.