Friday, January 11, 2008

Pythia is in her cave

I am here...present...but not visible at the moment.
I have retreated to my cave and am floating in the amniotic waters...waiting to be conceived.
Quiet. Slow. Patient. Peaceful. Waiting.
This IS a new year in every way.


the walking man said...

Later in the year when you come out of the cave of amniotic fluid, will it be a good day? Only time will tell heh?



realbigwings said...

Blessings on your inner quiet sanctuary. May you fill with the murmurs of life percolating, deep down below, and later is later, but enjoy where you are now.

***Renewal and easy growth to you,

Erik Donald France said...

What my father always refers to as his "IP" time.

Inner Peace, Lindy ;)

eric1313 said...

In these waters do we find life,

in these waters do we find soul

in the darkness do we find sleep,
a world waiting
for the light

in the darkness do we find ourselves
eyes closed
minds, open roads

bathed in steaming waters
waiting on time
waiting for love
in the arms of midnight
I feel the blood rushing faster

the darkness knows one of its own
waiting for love to turn out the light

Michelle's Spell said...

I think rest and quiet are always a good idea! Hope the new year brings all good things in the cave and out of it. I'm hoping that this year is easier than last and so on. See you on the other side!

Jon said...

Me too, Lindy, me too.
BTW, I've posted again. Stop by when you get a chance.

Susan Miller said...

Exquisite, Lindy. Great visual and lovely thought. May 2008 bring all the tranquility your heart desires.

eric1313 said...

Knock knock!

Hope all is well with you. You are welcome to drop by the butterfly bar any time and write. Singleton in particular was sorry to have missed your poetry. You never know when you might find a porch party in session, too, then there are no bets.