Thursday, January 03, 2008

Looking Back . . . My Photo Montage


Photo montage in and around Detroit, the suburbs and Michigan...featuring the Detroit River and Lakes Michigan, Huron and Saint Clair; urban decay and the regeneration and renaissance of Detroit; the cycles and seasons of life - from winter to winter.
The montage, set to the music of Moby, includes photos of my family, my friends, my city, my state...including: legendary bike-builder: Ron Finch; guitar great: Jim McCarty; WRIF Radio Host: Big Daddy Arthur P; Mike Fasano (drums) with Jani Lane in concert at "Pine Knob;" local artist: Chris Kime; local club DJ: Adam Lenk...
The montage also includes places and events: The "Renaissance Center;" The River Walk - celebrating Detroit's 300th Birthday; The Belle Isle Bridge; The 2007 Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix; Alice Cooper playing to his home town crowd at the Michigan State Fair; popular vacation spots: Caseville, Frankfort and Traverse City; The Trowbridge House - The oldest house in Detroit (post fire); The oldest church - Saints Peter and Paul; Dr Bob's Innate Cafe and Center for Holistic Healing; Campus Martius at Christmas time; Greenfield Village...
"TO EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON. A time to plant...a time to heal...a time to die...a time to weep...a time to laugh...a time to dance...a time to LOVE..."
Rest in Peace with GOD: Diana J. Lenk (my beautiful, loving mom) and Steven Michael Smith (my gentle, kind son-in-law)
PS To Detroiters, some things shall remain carved in stone...Hudson's, The Renaissance Center, Pine Knob, Tiger Stadium...they may change the signs but never our memories.


eric1313 said...

Beautiful work, Lindy!

I love all the pictures--it's like the last twenty something odd years of my own life playing out to some very moving music. It was like poetry without a need for verbalization.

A great post to kick off what should be a great year.

the walking man said...

At the moment I am without words.



Pythia3 said...

Hey Eric1313, thanks . . . and I DO pray this will be a great year!
I am such a hyper-sensitive 'sensory' person. I am very visual, as I think most people are. I get triggered by what my eyes see - art, nature... and I also get triggered by sounds - music, and by smells, fragrances, food . . .
Writing is probably the most difficult of all forms of communication (at least for me). Words are misunderstood and not understood at all, in many cases . . . and words just can't seem to capture the feeling and expressions as easily and as effortlessly and as accurately as art, music, even olfactory senses. Words are beautiful and unique to us, but they are not and evolved form of communication. And believe me, I'm not disqualifying the power of words, only saying that their swords, their healing abilities, their thought provoking and feeling evoking powers, their aesthetic appearance on a page . . . is only of value to those who are like-minded.
So, what we do with words is a miracle in many ways . . . especially when the words convey our meaning and evoke responses and feelings from the reader.
I would love to hear what you think about all of this. You too, Mark. Please let me know.
And Mark, I love your comment. For whatever it means . . . you were touched. (I think???!!!)
Peace to you, my friend, and I wish you a blessed New Year. I have more to say to you, but it will come in time . . .
Peace and love.

Kate S said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing, Lindy.

Pythia3 said...

Happy New Year Kate, thanks for watching . . . I know 8 minutes is a lifetime in a busy life!
And thank you too, Michelle. I know you had difficulty posting, but I received your e-mail.

eric1313 said...


The words you said above are simply beautiful, and merit a posting of their own.

We can communicate in words, but only to those who understand the context of our language and culture. Pictures--like symbols--offer a much wider degree of communication, like music also does, and how some say mathematics likewise does, but i don't know about that, math gives me panic attacks, especially financial related math. Egads...

But we try to get our thoughts coalesced, and one never knows... It's funny, if you get a blog tracker site counter (wordpress comes with that already hooked up), you'll notice lots of traffic that does not comment, and there are programs that override hidden IPs. On my sidebar is a map of the world with red dots of differing size indicating frequency of visits that you can click to enlarge. I have regular readers from the who come by every day, I see their IP address like it's The Matrix and know who they are. From places like Oman, Kuwait, Quatar, all over India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Paris Isle de France, Slovakia, Romania, Athens, Oslo Norway, all over Sweden, Moscow, Mexico City, somebody in the middle of the Amazon basin drops by three and four times a week, several folks from Ann Arbor... and it goes on and on. And those are just the ones who DON'T comment! I was amazed at what my writing has done, how much people I don't even know really enjoy what I do. It's actually unbelievable to me.

And that's just the physical component of what you say. I can only hope they get something positive from reading it. The spirit of the words can mean anything to each reader.

But your pictures are not so hard to interpret. They show somebody who has enjoyed herself and her city. Your spirit shines through brightly, the spirits of those around you and indeed the city itself likewise stand out. And combined with your words, they make for a great view. Your words show struggle, acceptance and joy, the pictures back up your progression.

You've done well, Lindy! Your words become clearer whenever you practice them. Keep writing.

Peace out.

Erik Donald France said...

Beautiful, Lindy. Michigan Acropolis.

eric1313 said...

On the other hand, it can be terribly hard to pierce the bubbles of separate existence with words alone. Philosophers and writers have struggled with this for a long time. Even if you can communicate your point of view, and even if it is understood, it still is terrificly hard for another to truly know what you do in the way that you know it.

This day and age of instant communication has not helped. We have at our fingertips the most powerful tool of communication ever available to human kind. Yet it is more often than not used to seek instant gratification. And even when its communication aspect is utilized, it often is a one sided critique, or anonymous catcalling, as we have witnessed so often.

"Words make it simple, words make it hard" is the name of a blog by a young lady in Lithuania who drops by my site every now and again. It rings so very true!

Yet there's an irony here, too. We have both talked about how useless words can be. We expressed an opinion, a valid point, and yet it was understood by both of us. In this instance, the ideas behind the words rang true to us, and I'm certain it did so with others.

I know so.

Anyway, this was a good discussion that had me thinking a lot. Take care and talk to you soon, Lindy. I should send tis before I lose power again. Already happened to me tonight--I was almost finished with this same letter once and the power flashed for three seconds.

Go figure.

Peace out.