Friday, March 14, 2008

Yes Lindy . . .There is LOGIC in TECHNO - it just comes at the end

Alleluia . . . I merged my e-mail . . . I merged my e-mail. Alleluia!
Yes, I'm a spiritual being by nature - a spiritual being having a beautiful, technological experience - for today, anyway.
Technology can sink me to the depths of the Underworld; snorkeling through the murky murk of Styx for lost cyber files, crashed out hard drives, frozen-in-time hourglass cursors, downloading errors and every other type of high tech malfunction dysfunction. Or, technology can have me soaring to heights of angelic ecstasy . . . flying on the wings of uninterrupted streams of wireless capacity for endless hours upon hours.
But today; today, whether it came of my pure determination and will, mental clarity, a little extra time and energy or some combination of all the above mixed with a tad pre-Saint Patrick's Day Irish luck: Today I finally merged my aol e-mail with my Comcast e-mail into my Windows (aka Outlook) Mail. A lovely marriage of two mail servers living happily ever after in one safe, neat domestic household. A menage a trois of organized convenience . . . for moi!
So, as I was singing . . . Alleluia . . . I merged my e-mail! Ain't life grand!


eric1313 said...

Yes it is grand and frustrating and everything in between and beyond. The loss of connection with everyone due to it's abscence is very much like the murky gloom of the river Styx. You always have wonderful imagery, Lindy.

I was in Escanaba working a job that was (thankfully) going to end prematurely. No internet, no phone. I was cut off completely. But you know what? I reknewed my love of reading with "Some Can Whistle" by McMurtry and "A Seperate Peace" by Knowles among other books. And I learned to become quite a dastardly Texas Hold'em player with my neighbors up there, and managed to capitalize on my meager earnings from helping out at a glass blowing factory. Of course, layoffs happen, but i was glad for it. Glass blowing was interesting but dirty and ill paying--especialy when you consider that you're messing around with two thousand degree molten sand.

Thanks for checking in on me. It gave me quite a swell of emotion to see that so many people could manage to care. You have my boundless gratitude.

I'll catch up on your posts soon, too.

Peace out!

Erik Donald France said...

My father shakes his head and calls it, "CYBER." Glitches. Constraints. Etc. But it's good when it all meshes together, for sure. Congrats and . . . Happy St. Patrick's weekend!

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Lindy,

Glad you're doing well! I have so much trouble with computers and then I don't. Doesn't make a damn bit of sense, but what does? Take care, honey!

Pythia3 said...

Thanks Eric1313 - it's great to have you back! I have never been to Escanaba! Can you believe it? I would love to go. It must have been kind of nice to get away...bow out of the daily grind and escape the busy airwaves of communication. Good you got some reading in :) the old fashioned way.
Pretty soon we won't even have sayings like, "turn the page." It will be replaced with, "press enter."
Not as effective or nearly as poetic!
Take care and thanks for stopping by.

Pythia3 said...

Michelle, I think computers are bipolar - like you said; so much trouble, then no trouble at all for a spell. So, they either need medication to stabilize them or they need a good old fashioned exorcism! I think the latter is the best option.

Pythia3 said...

Hey Erik,
So, are you celebrating Saint Patrick's Day or Saint Practice Day, as I've heard it called since it became a movable feast.
Well, whatever you decide have a Happy Happy Green Weekend!