Friday, March 21, 2008

TTYL...My BFF is in town! BBL

I'll be back later (BBL) . . . my best friend forever (BFF) Kim Woolery is in town and staying with me. We are doing the girl-friend thing - each other's hair (it helps we're both stylists); watching 'chick flicks ('Atonement' last night); eating snacks, drinking wine, then switching to coffee; talking, catching up, talking talking talking until four in the morning last night.
Today we are hitting the road, meeting up with other friends and going to breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Talk to you later (TTYL)!


eric1313 said...

I love it when old friends get together.

"And then... and so... and then... and so... let's dance... k!"

Have a great time, you.

And by the way, I posted the womb poem. Come by any time you get a breather from catching up with your soul sister.

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Lindy,

Have a great time! That's a beautiful picture of the both of you!

realbigwings said...

Hope you're having so much fun, Lindy. Drink your joy down deep. mmm

Pythia3 said...

The dance - right on, is a dance and I love to dance!

Thanks for stopping by, Eric, Michelle and Dawn...

and yes, Dawn, I drank the joy up between the coffee and the wine (I even took some in my coffee with the cream).